Embracing Scalable Data Excellence in AI

Since 2000, ZataData® has demonstrated success by delivering progressive professional services that aligned requirements with a catalog of emerging technologies. Motivated by the Thought Leadership, Vision and Evangelism of our CEO, Záda Beasley, the firm has established trusted Alliance Partnerships that synergistically aligned to create the data infrastructure and architecture of smart cities and a technologically advanced integrated API. The mission of ZataData® is to engage and deliver immersive, human-centered, scalable end-to-end AI/ML driven products, services and architecture that digitally transforms using Cloud Computing in preparation for Web 3.0. Our team of SME's are Trusted Advisors who are pioneers in progressive thought leadership and have designed, developed, and deployed advance technologies that have revolutionized the way we live today. The primary focus is to create immersive experiences that build trusted relationships between human and machine while promoting general wellbeing while simultaneously driving digital transformation and metaverse readiness.

Experience the future today, in a modern way driven by human-centered, predictive, intuitive, data capturing, generative Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented, Mixed, Virtual Reality, Applied Research, Design and, Development.

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AI/ML Application Modernization

Application Modernization and Roadmapping using AI/ML in the Cloud

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Scalable End-to-End Data Solutions in the Cloud

Scalable End-to-End BiGData driven by AI/ML using Cloud Computing

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Trusted Technology Advisory

Web 3.0 transformation and readiness

hand using laptop with centralized cloud computing system and network security concept

Collaboration to Develop Mission Critical Technology Requirements for the Enterprise

We utilize innovative technological collaboration to improve our clients' business outcomes.

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Immersive Technology (AR/VR/XR) Design/Deployment

We transform and support the innovation of over 190+ VR/AR/XR applications.

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Intuitive Human-Centered Technology Research and Development

We are involved in scientific research and developing human-centered technology.

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Immersive Web3.0 Healthcare Technologies

We design and deploy scalable BigData architecture that create modern AR/VR/XR experiences for both care implementation and education in complete collaboration with licensed Senior Medical Staff.

Addressing Problems Through Smart Technologies

We value delivering exceptional quality products and services with the daily practice of ethics, commitment, loyalty and, integrity in all that we do.