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Challenges: Metaverse Enterprise Interoperability and AI Trust

Metaverse Interoperability defines the way the enterprise architecture allows for the seamless integration of applications and user data. To date, many applications are built in silos. By creating Interoperable networks where applications and virtual worlds are interconnected and building individual autonomous simulations to talk to one another safely and coherently, we can strengthen the MetaVerse’s Enterprise Architecture. The scale of data ia exponential with Brontobytes expected over the next 5 years. ZataData® has many goals surrounding metaverse interoperability that we believe will increase trust relationships between human and machine, security and, global accessibility while streamlining user access and data.

At the design level, the current AI/ML chat bots and other AI/ML application products lack the ability to produce well-being because they’re interaction with humans is driven by command line operation. At ideation, concepts such as pseudo “common sense”, compassion, empathy are currently missing from the experiences with machines. These gaps create opportunities for the development of more robust massively scaled Big Data AI/ML applications with data capturing, intuitive, predictive, generative and autonomous human-centered capabilities.


The patent-pending, ZataData® product is a digital experience with integration capability that will enhance the human experience for a myriad of technology platforms and industries across the globe. The focus areas for Metaverse Interoperability include AI-Mobility, Healthcare, Gamification, and Immersive AR/VR/XR Experiences. To assist with the Web 3.0 readiness and transformation, we provide Advanced Advisory to our clients on best practices and steady state road mapping that prepare for the required transformation integration of emerging technology such as ZataData®. Our Research and Development Labs designs and develops AI/ML innovation that fills enterprise technology gaps by leaving the user with a sense of general well-being through the development of human centered AI. We continue to make significant progress with the use of Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning Robotics, Feedback Loops, and other advanced technologies that produce niche applications that are unique to the ZataData® ecosystem of trusted technologies.

Immersive Web3.0 Healthcare Technologies

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Healthcare’s Biggest Challenge: Data

The metaverse integrates physical and virtual realities, enabling humans and their avatars to interact in an environment supported by technologies such as high-speed internet, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed and extended reality, blockchain, digital twins and artificial intelligence (AI), all enriched by effectively unlimited data. The metaverse recently emerged as social media and entertainment platforms, but extension to healthcare could have a profound impact on clinical practice and human health. The fragmentation of data in healthcare is one of the biggest challenges to advance our health and step up to use these emerging technologies.


Our teams are researching real ways to develop data integration and modern useability strategies that promote the Web3.0 interoperability of healthcare applications using 3-D Holographic technologies to scale. With our research, we have an amazing opportunity to establish new healthcare technology standards embedded with human empathy and compassion that will revolutionize existing healthcare data systems and the way humans receive care.

Autonomous AI-Mobility

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Human-Centered Autonomous AI/ML Application Modernization

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