Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Technology Vision and Innovation Award Recipient.

BGE is Energizing Small Businesses that have demonstrated value to the global community. ZataData® was selected out of thousands and includes a full press release.

Purple Heart 💜 Honorable Mention

Building Synergy in an organization of Silos while Streamlining Business Processes for 90+ Mission Critical technology applications. Mitigating Risks, Managing Expectations and Eliminating Dependencies. Delivering with Excellence under budget and ahead of schedule.

Innovators Award of Excellence

DOD US AirForce A-10 L.A.S.T.E Design, Development and Deployment.

Excellence in Design and Delivery

Hewlett Packard Semiconductor Memory Test Chips

Highest Achievement Award

GPS Satellite Application Systems, Exemplary Technology Design, Deployment and, Leadership

Additional awards’ list available upon request

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