The future is… now!

A Respected and Dynamic Emerging Technologist and Global Business Leader

Who is Záda Beasley?

As a #vetted influential AI Technology Pioneer with a background in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and, Mathematics, Záda started her career building the network infrastructure for smart cities developing predictive, intuitive, data capturing AI and designing/deploying custom applications for RIMM, DRAM and RDRAM Semiconductor Memory Test chips. She moves in the space of sheer gratitude while confidently standing on the shoulders of hidden influential giants who remain underrepresented women with measurable contributions in disrupted technology that revolutionized the way we live today. Over the course of her fascinating twenty-five career, she was the only woman Technology Leader in several organizations. Her work has influenced numerous and continues to impact billions. Despite the resistance, she boldly leaned in and made the choice to build the consensus and deployed bleeding edge advanced technology. Beginning with the AI-embedded G.P.S. Satellite Applications Systems which revolutionized how we utilize large scale geographical data sets for Martin Marietta | Lockheed Martin | NASA and Application Engineering in Semiconductor Smart Memory test chips with Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley | LG, Samsung, Hyundai in South Korea. These advanced technological products were made commercial in the late 1990’s and make up the technology infrastructure that modernized the Information Age to scale as we transition to the Intelligence Age. By this virtue, it is very possible that you are using something that Záda designed and deployed several years ago.

She begins with the end in mind, possessing strong technology business acumen. This, coupled with an ability to motivate and direct, she was appointed to Engineering Leadership Development Program very early in her career and fast tracked to Executive Leadership. As a result, she became the First Black Woman to complete the programs’ rigor, providing a solid career foundation moving forward for LMCO. Záda fearlessly communicated the vision, understanding the scale and difference the commercial side of G.P.S. with embedded intuitive, predictive, data capturing AI would make in the world. She believes when others in positions of power doubt and build barriers with politics. Against all odds, she endured a pattern of repeated systemic inequality, fueled by biases and invisible fear. Unfortunately, this is still the true twenty-five years later. Despite the negative impact, she remains determined and focus on her purpose. By this virtue to overcome, she blazed the trail for so many other women in the advance realms of immersive technology using AI/ML across the globe. She continued to excel by designing and deploying modernization, include designing the L.A.S.T.E (Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement) computer and heads up display with AR/VR immersive technology for the United States Airforce A-10 Fighter Jet and being one of the Technology Design Leads for the first series D.R.O.N.E., both of which have been commercial topics for some time.

Záda Beasley is an example of what’s possible when you silence the noise, persevere through the unfairness and, create within yourself the calm courage to continue the steady state of exploration with patience. The result is a legacy of shattering stereotypes and influencing the past, present and, future. As an inspiration, driven by the epic difference human-centered technology has on societies around the globe, she is a trusted and humble Thought Leader and Technology Executive. For her commitment to excellence and deploying bleeding edge technology, Záda Beasley is reverently known as the Modern Day #HiddenFigure and #StemRoyalty by global communities who has been #vetted on a continuum, including the producers at NBC for an upcoming documentary.

She maintains high ethical standards with a habit of overcoming obstacles with grit, grace and, excellence.

With a growth mindset, she continues to look for ways to add tremendous value by designing meaningful AI/ML, Deep and Reinforced Learning using neural networks. She is an alumnus of Howard University School of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences and The Johns Hopkins University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering / Mathematics, and a Master’s in Organizational Business Behaviors with an emphasis in Technology Marketing respectfully. She was also an early evangelist of Cloud Computing after AWS purchased “Elastic Compute” from a South African development team and was instrumental in assisting high profile clients in Media, Entertainment, DoD and, Education with securing scalable Cloud Computing instances as they continue digitally transformed the planet one client at a time. Historically, she was absolutely certain and stated in her thesis dissertation, in undergrad, at Howard University that a day would come when humans would increasingly lose the capacity to have pure empathy and compassion for their fellow human being. ZataData® is an advanced technology company that was birth from the fascination with the human condition and her belief and vision that she could make the world incrementally better by building an infrastructure of smart immersive interactive technologies using AI. The now trademarked, patent-pending ZataData® is a result of her tenacity and her disruptive senior thesis in undergrad at Howard University. Today, the company is an expanding emerging AI/ML, Autonomous Technology Products and Services Corporation that designs/deploys modern innovative, intuitive human-centered, predictive BIG Data capturing Deep Learning ecosystem embedded with immersive AR/VR/XR experiences using Cloud Computing. The company also provides C-Suite Technology Advisory on Web3.0 readiness and Metaverse transformation. She is regarded as an oracle of facts and adapts as the agent of change, who continues to keep the faith while remaining focused on her purpose. The mission is clear; design/deploy machines with the capacity to have human-centered trusted relationships and increase well-being.

In addition to a list of awards, degrees, certifications and accolades, she continues to create adoption pipelines for abandoned infants while designing immersive education curriculums in her community. She is a profound creative and art enthusiast with poetic work published by the Library of Congress. Her friends and colleagues appreciate her high emotional intelligence quotient and integrity. She is an original, who operates from a space of appreciation. She is a Leader who loves to laugh, enjoys living a healthy active lifestyle and, is a social advocate who motivates and inspires while remaining true to her core values. In short, her God given actualization is the beam of bright light she carries. This “light” is valued by so many that admire and trust her around the world for her service and perseverance. We are looking forward with the focus of chartering a new frontier by digitally integrating the Intelligence Age.

The future is… now!

Visionary Leadership

Inspiration: Záda Beasley has the passion to inspire and a gift of pulling out the very best in her organization and teams. Below are a few of her leadership characteristics acknowledged by those who know her best:
  • Accomplished, yet humble.
  • Leads with servitude without having anything to prove,
  • Consistently empathetic,
  • Centered and Guided by values,
  • Generous with Recognition,
  • Responsive and Follows through,
  • Accountable.
No matter how challenging the opportunity, she believes and sets the tone while providing clear guidance that empowers her teams to navigate unknowns. Záda is driven by internal values that align with her behaviors. As we expand the evolution of democratized innovation, she adapts and manages the changes that deliver measurable value through modernization and autonomy. Driven by purpose and obsessed with the mission, she cares about solving complex problems that will keep us connected to what matters in life. She remains firm on her conviction in knowing that vulnerability, transparency, and honesty continue to remain the building blocks that pull her to being the Visionary Leader who perseveres through hardships and overcomes with grace and grit. Záda Beasley INSPIRES. Impact: On record, her technology design ideations and deployments over the past 25 years have all originated from Thought Leadership that is laced with wisdom and foresight, impacting billions around the globe in FinTech, HealthTech, Media and Entertainment, DOD and, EdTech. She believes that one’s calling occurs when passion meets inspiration. She has a heart for making a tremendous difference, being the difference and, remaining optimistic. She encourages innovation by listening, clearly communicating the technological vision, building consensus and, offering words of encouragement. Progress over Perfection. Záda Beasley LISTENS. Influence: Záda continues to coach and mentor across the globe. At the center of today’s world of technology and metric are human beings. Instead of a “command and control” leadership philosophy, she chose to lead with empathy and compassion. For this reason, she trusts people where they are, allowing them the mercy of making mistakes and addressing concerns with course correction. This promotes growth. Teams that grow together stay together. In the sometimes terse environments of advance technology, her leadership style and brand of technology has proven to fill the gaps. Members of her organization matter, while feeling heard and understood. She is uniquely gifted with the ability to comprehend what is not being said with confirmation, and communicating complex technology solutions with simplicity. In her world of advanced technology, she continues to create healthy human relationships with machines that foster well-being in a sustainable way.

The future is… now!

Záda Beasley EMPOWERS. Stay tuned…


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