• icon FinTech Global Regulation and Metaverse Advisory and Thought Leadership. Citibank | Global XR Community,
  • icon Migrated Movie and Media BIGDATA into the Cloud to transform and support the innovation of over 190+ VR/AR/XR applications. Sony Pictures Entertainment | London | Mumbai | Hong Kong | Los Angeles,
  • icon Voice, AI/ML Technology Architecture Design Lead for US Navy 1st Call Center. Collaborated with Partners across 5 Portfolios to build Strategic Alliances, yielding 8B pipeline for AI/ML, Big Data Cloud Computing Services. Deloitte,
  • icon Created and implemented immersive AR/VR/XR education technology curriculums using Google Apps for Education and migrating student data into the Cloud for Charter and Montessori Schools in | DC | MD | VA | South Florida,
  • icon Designed and deployed custom Semiconductor Smart Test Chip Applications for RIMM, RDRAM, DRAM chips for Hyundai | LG | Fijitzu | HP Semiconductor
  • icon Launched 🚀 3 Artificial Intelligence (Ai) enabled G. P. S. predictive/data capturing Satellite Applications System into Space with Lockheed Martin | NASA,
  • icon Design Lead for the original D.R.O.N.E, Intelligence Community,
  • icon Designed/deployed the A-10 L.A.S.T.E. Computer (Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement) Lidar/VR with Helmet HeadsUp Display Control System. US Air Force | Lockheed Martin,
  • icon Completed the first Commercial G.P.S. Calculations, Martin Marrietta.

Please be advised, this is not an exhaustive list of projects. References and additional projects are available upon your request.


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