Our History

ZataData® was the Senior Technology Thesis and the brainchild of our Founder/CEO in Howard University in 1998 and has been active in commerce since 2000. As a futuristic concept, it was an innovative, intuitive, human-centered robotic enterprise that was inspired by the animation called “The Jetsons”.

The ZataData® created a modern way of living driven by Artificial Intelligence. In the thesis, there is a ginormous database with Brontobytes+ storage capacity with individual information that assisted the robots with deep learning communication to develop trusted relationships with human beings. The vision in 1998 is now a reality as the firm assists clients with developing requirements and aligning those requirements to a catalog of emerging technologies to provide scalable BigData, AI/ML products, and services in the Cloud. Such deployments have not only revolutionized the way we live, communicate, travel, and connect, but have become the enterprise architectural elements of smart everything, including smart cities and autonomous machines and vehicles on land, air, and space exploration.

The ZataData® Products Journey

2021 – Present Concurrent Proposal Submissions , Partnership Expansion, Increased Investor Activities

2021 Adapted to the Covid19 restrictions by restructuring and expanding digital presence in commerce. ZataData®, LLC

2019-2020 Testing(Singapore and Dubai) and Investor Relations primarily while sharing Thought Leadership at Technology Trade Shows

2017-Present ZataData® Architecture Design, Development and Testing (Singapore)

2017 Advanced ZataData® core Design and Development with “Flying Taxi” software application at AWS Re:Invent

2017 ZataData® Patent and Intellectual Properties filing. Created the initial AWS instance

2015-2019 Cloud Computing IT Services Evangelism and Customer Adoption

2010-2015 ZataData® Architecture Design and Development work

2008-2009 D.R.O.N.E. Design and Deployments

2002-2006 ZataData® Architecture Design and Development work

2000-2002 Trademark, Established Entity and, ZataData® design work, Venture Capitalist and Investor Events in Silicon Valley

1998-2002 Silicon Valley, Hewlett Packard Semiconductor Test, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Santa Clara, CA

1997- 1998 Senior Thesis- AI/ML Life Like the Jetsons Concept and Ideation – Howard University’s School of Architecture, Engineering and, Computer Science

1998 “The future is…now!” ™

1997-1998 Additional Architecture and Application Software Engineering Designs and Deployments

1996-1999 Completed G.P.S. Calculations. Launched 1st Commercial Satellite Application System w/ Intuitive, Predictive, data capturing AI/ML

1996 A10-L.A.S.T.E. (Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement) Heads-Up Display Computer w/embedded VR/AR/XR

The future is… now!

Additional Information

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